In the interest of keeping you healthy and happy in 2019 we have launched a kneeling chair competition and you can win a chair like this.

The kneeling chair can be used at home or in the office and is the perfect solution to an arching aching back and neck. Easy height adjustment allows the stool to be suited to users of all different leg lengths. The kneeling pads are suitably cushioned to ensure maximum comfort.

We also supply the more traditional office seating in the form of operators chairs and managers chairs.  In fact just about any type of office chair that you could wish for.

Benefits Of A Kneeling ChairKneeling Chair

Core strength – For the majority of us the back of your normal office chair is a source of support for your back, especially when the morning coffee wears off. This however means your core muscles are doing little to nothing all day. Using the kneeling chair forces your core to engage to keep you upright.

Comfort – Despite increasing the workload on your core the kneeling chair will divide the weight of your body evening across your spine, sitting bones and legs. This means no numb bottoms or pins and needles in the legs; blood flow is also more even.

Improved posture – This probably goes without saying but you will sit better with the kneeling chair. There’s no room for slumping or arching, you will sit tall and proud on your unique looking chair.

Improved productivity – Now this might seem a bit of a stretch, but the increased blood flow means more oxygen and nutrients are getting to the brain, hence you will be more productive and more on the ball whether at home or work.

Kneeling Chair Competition ins and outs

So now you’re a convert to the kneeling chair here’s how to win one

  1. You must share this article on Twitter (dont forget to tag us) OR Mention a friend in our Facebook post (pinned at the top of our page ) AND tag a friend.
  2. The winner must be mainland UK based.
  3. Entries close on 31st January 2019 entries after that won’t be counted.
  4. The winner will be picked and notified with 14 days of the competition closing.

So get sharing and mentioning, happy sitting (or kneeling)!

Enter our kneeling chair competition today.

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