Refresh your office this new year

We’re several weeks into 2023, and now that the festive decorations have long since been taken down, it’s not too late to consider how you can renew your office for the months ahead to maximise productivity. Indeed, it’s the perfect time for an energy-boosting fresh start, and to look at your working space as though through different eyes to see what positive changes you can make.

A good old-fashioned declutter and deep clean will help you create more room for those items you really do need. Donate, recycle and ask cleaners to dust and vacuum all those tricky-to-reach spots that don’t always get attention.

Talk to your staff about their preferences – after all, they spend most of their waking hours in the office and so are heavily invested in it. Discuss how you can help them enjoy coming in to work.

If you don’t already have any, consider investing in some low-maintenance indoor greenery. Plants can make a workspace feel calmer, while refreshing tired corners.

Equally, think about adding a few personal touches, from a piece of inspiring artwork to photos of staff gatherings. Or display achievements like certificates and awards prominently. You may also want to make your company’s mission statement visible so that people see it every day.

New office furniture

You could try rearranging items of furniture and workstations, and sometimes a simple revamp like this can make a disproportionately big difference. Or you could give existing items a fresh lick of paint. However, nothing beats the introduction of some new pieces into a workplace – brand-new furniture transforms an office’s look and feel.

We’ve written previously about the essentials every office needs. And office desks and chairs are likely to be top of your list. These are clearly vital items used on a daily basis, and contribute significantly to staff comfort and productivity, as well as having an aesthetic impact.

So if you only replace two things in your office, make it the tables and chairs.

But if you’re looking to introduce other changes, consider office screens, replacing reception furniture if it’s looking a little tatty, or upgrading non-workstation seating if it’s become worn or stained.

Do you have optimal storage solutions in place right now? These needs change over time, so the new year could be the ideal opportunity to move things around, or tidy up the look of your workplace with some fresh units, from pigeon holes to filing cabinets.

Office stationery

Another great idea is to get in some new stationery, perhaps trying a product or two you haven’t used before. You’d be surprised at how much this seemingly trivial step can energise and re-focus staff. Think a different type of pen, or some hole punches, staplers or Post-it notes in fresh, zingy colours.

Finally, if you haven’t already given your staff 2023 diaries and planners so they can get excited about the months ahead, you haven’t left it too late.

Get your new office stationery

At Octopus Office, we have everything you need to re-energise your team as we head deeper into 2023. Discuss your furniture and stationery needs with us – order online or pick up from our trade counter in Stockport. We cover the north-west in our own vehicles, but also offer next-day delivery UK-wide.

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