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Storage Cupboard

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A Storage Cupboard is available in different sizes, different door configurations and can be used for many different uses including filing and storage.

Stationery Cupboard

Our most popular storage cupboard by far is the traditional 2 door stationery cupboard.  It is of steel construction and has 2 hinged doors that fold back 180 degrees.  They generally come supplied with 3 standard shelves and shelf clips, ready for the cupboard to be used for general storage, which as the name suggests includes stationery.  The standard colours for this type of storage cupboard is grey or coffee & Cream (brown & beige in the old days), however there is now a black cupboard in the standard Trexus range.  All stationery cupboards are lockable and supplied with 2 keys.

Tambour Cupboards

If space is an issue in your office, then tambour cupboards are a space saving storage solution.  Because they don’t have doors that open out, not a much space is required in front of them to open the doors.  The tambour doors retract into the side of the cupboard and so can be left open all day without getting in the way.  A tambour storage cupboard can come in several heights from 711mm, which is designed as desk high up to a tall 2229mm, which is over 7′ tall.  Tambour cupboards are popular with law firms, as the tallest cupboards will accept up to 6 rows of lateral suspension files, which are the choice of most law practices.


There are a variety of shelf options for the Bisley 2 door storage cupboard and tambour cupboards.

Standard Shelf

The most popular is the standard plain shelf, this is ideal if the storage cupboard is going to be used for general storage of box files or lever arch files etc.

Slotted Shelf

There is also the slotted shelf that can have vertical dividers inserted to hold files in place or to organise items on the shelf.  These fit into the storage cupboard in the same way as the standard shelf.

Roll Out Shelf

There is a roll out shelf that is useful for reference instead of having to take a file back to your desk.  This shelf can be rolled out and not required, just pushed back into the cupboard.  It helps if these shelves are fitted into the storage cupboard by the people who install the cupboard as they can be a little tricky.

Lateral Filing Rail

The lateral filing rail is a chassis that fits into the cupboard likle a shelf and has a rail underneath for the lateral files to hang from.  The lateral chassis enables the lateral files to slide from side to side allowing files to be inserted or removed without disturbing other files in the cupboard.

Roll out Drawer

A roll out drawer is used for items that are small or for office supplies that do not need a large space on the shelf.  More than one roll out shelf can be used in a cupboard, giving excellent space economy.

Roll Out Filing Frame

A roll out filing frame is designed for holding suspension files or hanging files as they are often known.  The roll out filing frame can hold a number of files and depending on their thickness, 50 files could be housed.  A roll out filing frame can hold files either front to back or side to side.

Safety Notice

If more than one roll out product is fitted to a cupboard, then an anti-tilt device needs to be fitted to the cupboard.  This comprises of a piece of equipment (comes with each roll out product) to prevent more than one roll out product cannot be pulled out at the same time, so that the cupboard cannot become unstable and fall forward.

All storage cupboards can be ordered with all of your general office supplies, however with cupboards being larger items of furniture, they will be delivered separately with a 2 man delivery team.

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