DIY Business Cards

DIY Business Cards

Do you want small quantities of business cards or need them printing fast?  What is the answer?

Avery Business Cards

Avery make a range of DIY business cards for printing on your own laser or inkjet printer.  They are available in several formats 10 per page and 8 per page in the traditional business card format.  There is also 1, 2 and 4 per sheet for the tent style business cards.  The tent business cards are made of a slightly thinner material to enable them to go through the printer jam free.print-your-own-template

Inkjet Business Cards

Avery inkjet business cards are made in 2 weights.  The thinner 200gsm cards have 10 cards per sheet and are matt coated.  This gives a nice smooth finish that look as professional as  business cards that are printed using traditional methods.  The thicker version of the inkjet business cards are 260gsm and have just 8 cards per sheet.  These thick cards are just as smooth as the thinner variety and make an excellent temporary business card.

Laser Business Cards

You can also print your own business cards using your laser printer.  Whether that be a mono laser printer or a colour laser machine, the results can be outstanding.  The laser cards come in the same formats as the inkjet versions.  There are traditional styles as well as tent business cards for businesses that need to have more information printed.

Learn How To Make Your Own Business Cards

Watch a video to see how easy it is to print and make your own business cards here.  It is simple to print your cards and just push them out and what you are left with is a quality professional looking business card.

DIY Business Cards Same Day

If you have unexpectedly changed your business details or require extra cards the same day, the best thing to do would be to print some yourself using a business card template.  You can buy the Avery business card templates off the shelf and then design and print your own cards the same day.  Octopus stock the popular sizes and can deliver them the same day in Greater Manchester and Cheshire from our store in Stockport.  Just call our sales office on 0161 429 8118.

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