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Office Safes

It’s not just jewelry and money that are valuable, system backups and business papers are too.

Octopus supply sales for protecting different types of valuable.  There are safes to protect paper, money, jewelry or media.  Some will protect against theft, whilst others will prevent damage too.

Standard Office Safe

The most basic safe is designed for just designed for protecting possessions against theft.  They are available with a key or a combination lock or insafe 716106 some cases both.  The standard office safe would generally have a steel carcass that is approximately 2mm thick.  This will protect from opportunity theft in most cases.

Office Fire Safe

The fire safe is designed to protect documents and money from fire as well as theft.  They have thick walls and doors to help keep the contents of the safe at a low temperature.  These safes are generally water resistant too.  They can protect the contents from water damage for periods of up to 1 hour.  A fire safe is not designed to protect media or electronic equipment.

Media Safe

The media safe is made to protect data tapes, DVD’s and CD’s from fire.  The structure of the media safe is designed to keep the contents of the safesafe 618733 low enough for a set period of time.  This is to prevent items such as data tapes, memory sticks and software CD’s from being melted by the high temperature of fire.

Delivery of Office Safes

Safes for the office are generally a heavy item and thus delivery on the larger safes is something that has to be taken into account.  If the safe needs to be delivered to upper floors, a survey of the premises may need to be carried out.  If you are considering a new office safe, please give Octopus a call and we can give you advice on which safe you would require.

Office Safes In Manchester

If you are based in the Greater Manchester area, we are able to come to your premises and give you information on which safe is right for you.  We offer free delivery on the smaller safes in the local area.

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