Why provide an Olympia personal attack alarm?

With the excitement of reopening our bars, pubs and restaurants also comes the question – how do we keep our team safe. An easy and cost effective way of providing extra protection is to provide each team member with a personal attack alarm.


Often your staff will be opening or locking up in unsociable hours, often in the dark and its your responsibility to help keep them protected and feeling safe. As you know there are plenty of measures you can put in place but a personal attack alarm is handy and easy to use and can actually deter any kind of attack if one should happen. Each member of staff can have one hand on a belt or key chain and it can become protocol for them to have it easily accessible when they are preparing to leave. Personal attack alarms are police approved and easy to use, they are non invasive and don’t require any training to use them so everyone can benefit.

What can you and your team do to keep safe?Personal Attack Alarm

  • Make sure no one is ever locking up alone, a minim of two people should be present ideally sharing a ride home or setting off at the same time
  • Have security lights and check them regularly, replace the bulbs before the darker nights come in
  • Have a simple and quick exit from the building with no old tricky locks that might cause issues
  • Create a ‘check out’ procedure where your team locking up inform you or a manager that they have arrived home safely
  • Keep exits clear of bins and boxes so there is good visibility all round
  • Make sure staff have a safe route home either via transport or being picked up by someone they trust
  • Don’t allow staff to leave with any cash or expensive items, make sure this is displayed on the outside of the building to deter attacks
  • Have different lock up routines and vary them each day so anyone watching wouldn’t be able to predict them
  • Provide staff with a personal attack alarm
  • Install CCTV – there are some great tips here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEgXjgCXuT0 on how to do this

So what about the Olympia personal attack alarm?

This Combined panic alarm and LED torch is lightweight and easy to keep handy in a pocket, on keys or on a belt.  A simple squeeze button action admits a 100dB output to call for assistance or deter attackers. The alarm is also easy to switch off with one simple button – great for if you’ve mistaken your colleague for a prowler! The torch light is bright, an added bonus in the darker evenings for extra visibility on the way to the car. Supplied with 3 LR44 batteries that will last you through the winter months. (Always regularly check your batteries and replace after any extended use).

We think these personal attack alarms are a great way to empower your staff to feel protected and now if you buy 5 or more you get an even bigger discount. Take a look in our store 

We can also help you with other aspects of your security purchasing such as safes & locks, fire safety and CCTV.

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