It can be different in every office but there are always those top office stationery essentials that we find are always important no matter what your business. Whether your in hospitality or banking the office environment often looks the same the country over. They may differ in size and shape but just like us all there are always things in common.

We thought long and hard about the top 5 office essentials we see over and over and here is what we have some up with.

Essential Office Stationery Office Stationery Essentials - the pen

  1. The humble ball point – whether its Bic or basic the good old pen will most definitely neve be replaced with a digital counter part. Even if you spend most of your day on the computer or ipad there is always need for telephone messages, to-do list, ideas, notes from meetings and some good old fashioned doodling when your mind needs a break. Viva la pen!
  2. Sticky notes or post-its – whatever you call them and whatever brand you cant beat a sticky note. They are always there just in the right moment when you need to take a massage or make a quick note. They double up as book marks or reminders too. Any basic set of office stationery would need to contain these guys surely?
  3. Simple Pad (with lines)  – so we say lines, yes, this might not be your cup of tea but hear us out! A pad is always handy when your thinking things out or making some important notes. But have you ever tried reading those notes back when its on plain paper? NOT an easy task! So we always suggest lines to keep you writing and your thinking all going in the right direction.
  4. Printing paper – Might sound like a simple one and maybe not strictly in the office stationery category but how often have some of the basic task or projects come to a grinding halt because someone has forgotten to fill the printer…or worse yet forgot to order more paper!
  5. Calculator – stay with us on this one. We know we all have a calculator on our phones, our desk tops and our tablets but you cant beat having a little desk calculator to work out those quick sums that seem to be stumping you on a Monday morning before coffee. You can keep your screen clear with a quick reach over to the desk calculator.

Ozzy and our team pride themselves on there super stationery knowledge as well as their love for stationery so if your not sure what you need you can always give us a call! We can advise on the best paper for your intended use, which printing paper would work best and which ink can save you time and hassle!

Not only do we know our pens from our pencils but we also have a vast knowledge and experience with office furniture. Office stationery is brilliant but not if you are curved over the wrong desk or sat in the worst possible chair.

We have a great range of ergonomic furniture and again can advise on the best chair and tables for your office at work or at home. Your office stationery can be squirreled away in a suitable desk organiser on a classic wooden desk or perhaps we can tell you about the stand/sit desks that are becoming even more popular.

What ever you are in need of you can contact our team via email or phone and we will be sure to give you the best advise. With our quick turnaround and delivery service you will be able to get your products ASAP as well.


Want to know more? Check out our little video HERE

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