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Is your Secretary A Dragon?  No, then you need an Olympus dictation system.

Voice Recorders

If you are looking for a voice recorder, you can’t go far wrong with one of the Olympus models.  The entry model is the Olympus VN-7700 digital notetaker.  It has an impressive 2Gb memory that can record a massive 1100 hours of recording.  This can be as many as 800 separate messages as you can store up to 200 recordings in each of it’s 4 files.  All this in a voice recorder that weighs just 66 grams!

Dragon Software

Speech Recognition

Olympus produce a range of digital voice recorders for use with speech recognition software and have been awarded the highest rating by Dragon.  All you need to do is dictate your documents, letters or notes onto your digital recorder.  Then you just connect to your PC, laptop or tablet and let Dragon software produce your work.  It converts your recordings into text on your PC using automatic transcription via speech recognition.

The Olympus DVT1500 Digital recorder comes complete with Dragon speech recognition software, so you can turn your speech into text on the move.  The DVT1500 has a micro SD slot to expand it’s 2Gb memory if the 562 hours of recording isn’t enough capacity for you.  All this in a super light weight recorder that weighs just 55 grams.

Analogue Dictation Equipment

Octopus can still supply the old style analogue dictation supplies.  If you still use the type of pocket memo or transcription system that uses tapes, we can supply the accessories to use with it.  There are still headphones, foot controls and tapes available, just give us a call for more information.

Dictation Equipment The Same Day

If your dictation system or pocket memo should pack up suddenly and you need a replacement the same day, contact us at Octopus.  We stock some Olympus dictation equipment and are able to deliver locally very quickly.  So whether you need digital headphones or analogue dictation tapes, we can help.

Why Buy Your Olympus Dictation From Octopus

If you buy your Olympus dictation system from Octopus, you can be assured that you will get good advice on what systems are available and what might fit your needs the best.  We can supply all of the accessories you need for your transcription or dictation equipment.

Olympus Support

If you have a problem with your Olympus dictation equipment, contact their support centre to rectify any issues you are having.

Featured Product

The Olympus DS-2500 is our most popular digital voice recorder.  It uses DSS file format and works well with the AS-2400 transcription kit.  For more information on the DS-2500 click here.

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