We are well into the new year, home schooling has commenced for many, working form home continues and the new years resolutions are dropping like flies! You might not have started to consider what office products you need this month but your going to need to soon.

2021 started off a little differently than other years but some things never change. The icy weather, the printer that magically stopped working over Christmas. The tea supply that somehow has reduced to the loose tea bags in the cupboard that you’re not quite sure about.

To help you get back on track despite a shaky start here are our top 4 office products for Jan/Feb

De-icing salt

We may not all in the office but we still need to think about visitors to our premises or even just us getting out of the house safely. If you in the office then you want to make sure the car parks and entrances are accessible and slip free. Remember your posties and delivery people too, they may still be coming even if your team are mostly remote. Don’t forget you still have a responsibly for your space even if your not there.

At home its important to get out away from the desk regularly but often in this cold weather the hardest part if getting off your front pat. So if your encouraging your team to go for a lunch time walk or run perhaps making sure they are equipped not just with their trainers!

Be sure and be safe by throwing down some de-icing salt (grit) the night before a freeze. We suggest using https://supplies.octopus-office.co.uk/value-25kg-bag-brown-salt 

Green Tea & Herbal TeaOur Top 4 Office Products you Might Need to Survive this Month 1

This time of year, we all want to take our health a little more seriously, especially at the moment! A simple change to make is to add more green and herbal tea into your daily routine and that of your team. Make sure the cupboards are stocked with some immune boosting options.

Team working from home? Why not send them a box to let them know you are still looking after them even if there’s miles between you! You need to check out https://supplies.octopus-office.co.uk/tetley-tea-bags-green-tea-with-mango-ref-1578a-pack-25

We also have some great tips on staying well this winter in one of our other blogs Stay well this autumn and winter.

Printing Paper

There’s no one keeping an eye on the paper! Have no fear Octopus Office is here, we can deliver next day if needed and have a variety of paper available.

If your team are working from home have you thought about sending them a box of paper maybe a long with the box of tea?

If you need cost effective and quality paper then give us a call and use the code COPIERA4

Storage Boxes

Its coming up to that time of year again where we start to think about a good clear out. With financial years ending (and haven’t they been complicated) there will be plenty of paperwork to either sort out and store or sort out and bin!

Storage boxes that are dust free and easy to stack are some of the best, especially when we are keeping the office extra clean. These boxes are easy to assemble, cost effective and easy to stack https://supplies.octopus-office.co.uk/5-star-office-storage-box-for-5-a4-lever-arch-files-red-and-white-pack-10


Check out more Office products that you need in our store https://supplies.octopus-office.co.uk/

Office Products

Octopus Office supply Office Products and stationery across the UK however we pride ourselves on our local service across Stockport, Greater Manchester and the North West. Our customers receive their office products with swift friendly service, often the next day (and same day if your in a pickle). Our expert team are always happy to help and can advise you on the right office product for your whether that be a printer, a desk, paper or PPE! If you need help urgently then give us a call and one of our team would be happy to help.


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