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Paper Trimmers

Paper Trimmers


Avery are the leading brand when it comes to paper trimmers.  The range consists of over 10 trimmers from small A4 photo trimmers that can cut up to 5 sheets of paper to large heavy duty trimmers that can handle A0 size paper.

Avery Precision Trimmers


The precision trimmer range consists of approximately 5 machines.  These range from the A4 sized P340 which can cut up to 30 sheets of 80gsm paper.  The A3 sized P460 will trim up to 30 sheets of A3 paper and like the other machines has a paper guide.  This will make trimming multiple cuts of the same size easier and more accurate.  There are 3 other sizes in the range too, the A2 sized P640, the A1 sized P880 and the huge A0 sized P1370 trimmer.  The P1370 can handle up to 15 sheets of A0 paper.

AlAvery P340 Precision Trimmerl of the machines in the Precision range have a self sharpening steel rotary blade that is safely enclosed away in the easy to hold cutting head.  They also all have standard paper size templates on the baseboard to accurately cut photographs or documents to common sizes.

Avery Office Trimmers


The office range of Avery trimmers consists of 2 sizes, the A4 & the A3 which can both trim up to 12 sheets of 80gsm paper.  Each has a self sharpening rotary cutting blade and each also has common sizes etched on the baseboard for quick and accurate trimming.  The office trimmer range is made from ABS plastic so that they are light enough to be transported easily around the office or school.

Avery Compact Trimmers


Every office can sometimes use a paper trimmer, but there may be the issue of where to store it.  With the Avery Compact Trimmers, the baseboard folds away into a tube shape for easy storage.  Transportation is also easier because the Compact  range is made from lightweight aluminium, so they can be used on the move.  With a cutting capacity of up to 10 sheets make these trimmers ideal for most office cutting jobs.

Avery Photo Trimmers

The smallest range of paper trimmers from Avery is the TR002 and TR003.  Both of which can cut up to 5 sheets of A4 or A3 paper.  They are ideal for the small office that do small amounts of cutting or for people at home making their own photos or craft hobbies.  Even though these machines are the smallest in the Avery range, they still have a self sharpening blade and size templates etched on the baseboard.

Paper Trimmers The Same Day

Octopus are able to dispatch paper trimmers the same day.  We have vans around Manchester and Cheshire every day.  That makes same day deliveries to these areas from our Stockport store possible in most cases.


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