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 Listing paper for dot matrix printers

Our listing paper is made primarily from 60gsm white paper and comes in single part, 2 part, 3 part and 4 part sets, although the single part is by far the most common.  The multi-part sets are generally all white copies, but there is also the option of tinted copies if required.  All of the different types of paper have holes down the side, also referred to as tractor feeds or sprocket holes.  The large size paper is available in plain or printed music ruled, whilst the small size is only available in plain.


Plain Listing Paper

Our most common type of computer listing paper is the 11 x 9.5″ (279 x 241mm) plain single part variety.  It can be Multi-Part-Sprocket-Punchedused in dot matrix printers such as the Oki, Panasonic or Epson 80 column models.  The other popular size of plain paper is the 11 x 14.5″ (279 x 368mm) which is used in 132 column dot matrix printers made by Epson or Oki. This paper is available in the standard 60gsm or the heavier 70gsm and can also be supplied in 2 part, 3 part and 4 part sets.

Ruled Listing Paper

Music ruled listing paper is available in the large size, single part paper only.  It is used when rows of figures go across the paper and it makes it easier to read along the lines.  This paper is available in 60gsm and 70gsm, although only the 60gsm paper is a stock line.

2 Part Paper

Our 2 part paper is available as standard in duplicate white copies.  It is most commonly used these days in MOT test centres for the emissions machines.  This paper has 2 copies and is made from NCR paper.  This means that there is no carbon paper between the sheets.  The size that is used in some MOT test centres is 11 x 9.5″ (279 x 241mm).single-part-sprocket-punched

3 Part Listing Paper

The 3 part paper is generally made up of white, pink and yellow sheets.  This makes it easier when seperating them and knowing which parts go to which department.  It is most commonly used in the 80 column wide size, that being 11×9.5″.  The paper is always NCR and that means that there is no messy carbon between the sheets.  The 3 part listing paper will almost always be micro perforated, which leaves virtually smooth edges when the sprocket holes are torn off.

4 Part Listing Paper

Our 4 part listing paper has the same basic format as the 3 part, except with the additional colour green.  The colour sequence is white, yellow, pink and green.

Listing Paper in Manchester

If you require listing paper urgently, we are able to dispatch the same day.  This means that if you are based in Manchester, same day delivery is not a problem.  We have vans around Manchester and Cheshire all day long and are able to react quickly to cries of help!  Just call our sales office for more information.

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Read our Google reviews and see what our customers old and new say about the service that we provide.  Just search Octopus Office.

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