What thickness laminating pouches do you need to use?

Laminating Pouches

Laminating Pouches

Octopus supply a wide range of pouches from A2 all the way down to credit card size.

Laminating Pouch Sizes

There are  many sizes of laminating pouches from the smallest credit card size which is 54x86mm.  These are designed to be used as name badges, business cards or membership cards.  There are several other sizes such as A5, A4 and A3 as well as the giant A2 size.

A2 Pouches

A3 Pouches

A4 Pouches

A5 Pouches

Mini Pouches

Gloss Finish PouchesMatt Laminator Sheets

Gloss pouches are by far the most common that we supply and the A4 gloss pouch is the most popular size.  These pouches give a waterproof finish that is wipe clean and durable, making the document very well protected.

These pouches come in a variety of weights including 150 micron, 200 micron, 250 micron and 350 microns.

Matt Laminating Pouches

Matt finish pouches have a no glare finish, making them good in situations where the is lighting might reflect onto the laminated sheets.  The matt pouches come in 150 micron and 250 microns thicknesses.

Self Laminating Pouches

Self laminating pouches can be used without the need for a laminator.  The document are placed inside and then the pouch sealed by hand.  These are particularly useful for people that need to laminate documents while on the move.  This type of pouch come in A4 and credit cards size only.

Self Adhesive PouchesGBC Peel n Stick Laminating Pouches Gloss 150 Micron Ref 3747527 [Pack 25]

GBC make a range of self adhesive laminating pouches that have a sticky back.  These are ideal for use as signs and will stick to most surfaces including glass, metal and certain plastics.  They are available in gloss or matt finish and come in 150 micron or 250 micron thicknesses.

Punched Strip Laminating Pouches

Many businesses make up their own manuals or employee handbooks and punched pouches are ideal for this.  The pouches work the same as normal pouches, however they have a punched strip down one side for inserting straight into a binder.  The strip of holes are for use with a 2 ring or 4 ring binder, which covers all standard UK formats.

Pouches In Manchester

Octopus can deliver most types of pouches the same day in the Manchester area.  We carry large stock of general office supplies and printer inks, so can generally satisfy urgent orders the same day.

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