If you are looking for printer ink in Manchester, look no further.

Printer Ink Manchester

Printer Ink In Manchester

We supply printer ink in Manchester on a daily basis, so we can help, whatever make of printer you have.  Octopus have been in the printer supplies business since 2002 and pride ourselves in our customer service.  If you need any help finding your printer ink, please call us on 0161 429 8118.

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Brother Printer Supplies

Brother make a huge range of printer inks.  They almost all begin with LC and each cartridge contains a different colour.  The most popular that we supply at this moment are LC123, LC125XL, LC127XL and LC1240.  We do however stock some of the older cartridges such as LC985, LC1000 and LC1100.canon Cartridges

Canon Printer Inks

Canon were one of the first manufacturers to make inkjet cartridges with the bubblejet range of printers.  We deliver Canon printer ink in Manchester regularly from our store in Stockport.  The most common cartridges are the PGI-550Bk and the CLI-551 in all of the colours.

Dell Printer Cartridges

We stock some of the popular Dell printer inks, but these have become less in demand over the last few years.  The toner cartridges on the other hand are still as popular as ever.

Epson Printer Ink

Octopus supply more Epson printer ink in Manchester than anywhere else.  They have a massive range of inks to fit all types of inkjet printer, from a small printer for use at home to a large format printer in a design studio.  All Epson inks use pictures to differentiate between types.  There are daisy, Frog, Monkey, Fox and even the Eiffel Tower.epson-cartridge

HP Printer Cartridge

HP make a large range of inks too.  Many of these consist of a black ink and a tri-colour ink cartridge, which contains the cyan, magenta and yellow inks in one cartridge.  The issue with these cartridges is that you may well be throwing away a cartridge that still contains some ink in one of the chambers.  The most popular HP printer ink we supply is the 932XL / 933XL and the 950XL / 951XL.  We also stock some of the older cartridges such as the 300XL and 301XL and can deliver this printer ink in Manchester the same day if required.

Lexmark Ink Cartridges

Our stock of Lexmark printer ink is limited to the most popular in the range.  We supply them on a regular basis, but they are not as common as HP, Epson and Brother.

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