Make your menu stand out with our rustic wooden clipboards

Rustic Wooden Clipboards

Rustic Wooden Clipboards

Octopus manufacture a range of rustic wooden clipboards for the hotel, bar and restaurant industries.  We make them using real wood that is reclaimed from special pallet tops that would otherwise be scrapped or burnt.

They are cut to the required size, sanded to take off any jagged edges and made nice and smooth.  We try to leave some of the original marks on the wood as this is what makes them original.

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A4 Rustic Wooden Clipboard

The A4 Rustic Wooden clipboards are made using 2 pieces of wood, fixed together with 2 batons on the A4-Menu-Holderreverse.  This makes them extremely durable and able to withstand knocks and drops as might happen in a busy bar or restaurant.  The A4 board can be used as a menu holder or just as a clipboard for a restaurant manager to use if it is a rustic style venue.  Two types of A4 board are available.

These are available with a traditional brass clip, that hinges up with the thumb and snaps back to secure the paper.  The clipboard is sanded all over and the clip applied using 2 brass screws.  The clipboard is approximately 320x235mm, however as they are made from recycled wood, it can fluctuate by a couple of millimetres.

The other type of A4 rustic clipboard has wing nuts instead of the brass clip.  The boards are still 2 pieces of wood secured using 2 batons on the reverse.  There is also a baton on the front, which using 2 dull steel wing nuts and bolts secure the A4 menu.  The menu needs to be punched using a standard 2 hole office punch.

1/3 A4 Rustic Wooden Clipboard

The smaller version of our rustic wooden clipboards is made from the same 10mm thick wood and again it has been sanded to leave it free from sharp or jagged edges.  The overall size of the board is approximately 240x140mm, which is a little narrower than A5, but ideal for a 1/3 A4 size menu (99x210mm).  This clipboard has a chrome and black bulldog style clip placed on one end and it can be used double sided if required.

A5 Rustic Wooden Clipboard

Our True A5 Wooden Clipboard is made from the same 10mm real reclaimed wood.  The trye A5 however is made from 2 pieces of wood fixed together with a batten. The overall size of this clipboard is 240x165mm, so a sheet of A5 paper will fit perfectly.

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