Which scientific calculator meets the needs of your students?

Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculator

A quality scientific calculator should be enough for any student going to high school, college or university.  We supply a range of calculators including a junior model that has a reduced set of functions.


Sharp Calculator

Sharp produce the EL-W531B scientific calculator, which has all of the functions required for school, uni or college.  They also produce the EL-501X that is suitable for younger children and has a reduced number of functions.  Both are battery operated and they are included.

Casio CalculatorCasio Calculator

Students and business people have a range of Casio calculators to choose from.  Typical businesses might include scientists, surveyors or financial advisors.

Casio FX-83GT Plus

Casio produce the very popular FX-83GT Plus which is suitable for key stage 3 and recommended for GCSE and A & AS level standard.  The FX-83GT plus runs on a AAA battery that is supplied.

Casio FX-85GT Plus

The next version up from that is the FX-85GT Plus and that is available in 3 colours.  It comes in the standard black, blue and pink.  All of the FX-85GT Plus calculators are solar powered as well as battery.  They use a LR44 battery, which is supplied with the calculator.

Aurora Calculator

The Aurora AX-595TV has all the functions that you need for use in exams and is fully UK exam compliant.  It comes in its own slide on case to protect it from other items in a school bag to and from classes.  It takes one LR44 battery that is supplied.

5 Star Scientific CalculatorKC-4650P Calculator

Our 5 Star calculator is the best value for money.  It has all of the features that you need including a hard case for transportation, a 2 line display and uses 2 x LR44 batteries that are supplied.

Need A Scientific Calculator Quickly

If you have an exam looming and your calculator has bitten the dust or done a bunk, we can help.  We keep a selection of scientific calculators in stock for just this sort of emergency.  If you are in Manchester we can generally get you up and running within an hour or 2 from our store in Stockport.

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