Whether you are sending out letters or parcels to friends or customers, using a well designed label is a great idea. Although email is the quickest and cheapest way of staying in contact with people.  it is also true that eye catching mail outs with professional looking branded labels are a proven way of engaging with friends, family and customers.

Follow our top tips to create YOUR perfect label!

Clear Information

Clear presentation of important and rational information (the mailing address) ensures that there is no room for confusion. You don’t want a mail out going to Manchester USA instead of Manchester UK! When using printed labels its much easier to get the information clearer and your not leaving it up to interpretation of the post office.

Brand Icon

The brand icon is bright and distinctive, making it easier for customers to identify and get to know your company. If you have an icon or logo that will be easily recognisable by your customers or even prospects then make use of it. Then, if your brand is still a little unknown this is a great opportunity to get it out there.  If it’s a personal letter you could use a graphic emoticon that’s personal to you and your friend/family member.

Primal Imagery

Choosing to use images of food not only signifies the contents of the package but it also engages the primal part of the brain.  This helps draw very strong attention to your label. Although If you are actually sending some mince pies be sure to wrap them well!

Special Message

A personal or special message encourages customer engagement on an emotional level and shows that heartfelt thought has been put into the package. This can be a seasonal ‘Merry Christmas’ or simply something thoughtful.

Hand Written Font

Fostering perceptions of openness and friendliness, a handwritten font is very effective in helping customers warm to a brand. It is especially useful if your actual hand writing isn’t perfect.

Bright And Bold

Splashes of bright colours naturally draw the eye and help the label stand out.

So there’s Ozzy’s top tips, we hope we’ll be seeing some of your creations soon. We have a huge selection of labels for all occasions you can check out in our store as well as envelopes and

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