The Durable ID card printer is ideal for your staff ID cards.

ID Card Printer

The Durable ID card printer is ideal for the small office that needs to print staff ID cards quickly.


Duracard ID Card Printer

The Duracard ID card printer is designed to print ID cards conveniently in your office, which means no need to have to outsource your card printing.  It can print photo quality cards in black & white or colour therefore creating professional looking cards while never having to leave your desk.duracard-113919

The options available make it ideal for printing ID cards, membership cards, loyalty cards and visitors badges, which makes this type of card printer so versatile.

Duracard Black Ribbon

The Duracard ID card printer uses a black ribbon (891201) that  can print up to 500 ID cards from a single cartridge.  This means printing in monochrome ID cards is by far the most economical way to print your cards.  Therefore businesses that print large numbers of cards can save money printing in monochrome.

Duracard Colour Ribbonduracrd-113917

If you wish to print colour, the Duracard 891122 colour ribbon will print up to 100 cards.  Each ribbon contains the cyan, magenta and yellow film.

Duracard Consumables Kit

The Duracard consumables kit comprises of 100 standard blank cards and a colour ribbon, therefore a convenient way to buy what you need to create coloured ID cards.

Duracard Thin Blank Cards

There are 2 thicknesses of ID card for the Duracard ID 300.  The thinner cards are 0.5mm thick and are ideal for applications that don’t get used every day.  These are perfectly durable yet a less expensive option thatn the standard ID cards.  Such applications might be library cards, visitors badges and other temporary or infrequently used.

Duracard Standard Black Cardsduracard-113922

The thicker card is 0.75mm thick and is suitable for applications where the ID cards are used regularly.  These therefore could be used for membership cards, business cards, swipe cards, ID cards for business or sports clubs.

Duraprint Software For Your ID Card Printer

The Duraprint software is compatible with several design packages including Adobe Photoshop and also Microsoft Word.  If no software is available, then free templates can be accessed from where ID cards, badges can be created in minutes.

ID Card Printer Supplies

If you require supplies for your ID card printer quickly, call our sales office on 0161 429 8118.  We can deliver in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire area the same day on stocked items.

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