So you’ve decided to embrace the season of spring and get your spring cleaning head on. But how do you start, how do you make the most of this new found energy for cleaning and sorting? Ozzy has a step by step guide for you.

1. Make a plan

Office PlanningLook around your office and section it off, decide which sections need the most attention and which areas impact on others. For instance, you don’t want to start cleaning out all the recycling if you haven’t been through your mountain of paperwork.

2. Designate an area for things that don’t have a place

Messy Untidy Office

Random boxes, a bit of equipment you’re not sure where to put. Just decide on an area you can pop them in until you’ve finished your spring clean. Who knows what space is going to pop up.

3. Allocate a set time

It’s easy to get distracted especially when you’re busy however having a spring clean is a clear fire way of saving you some time in the long run. So, dedicate some time, switch off the emails, hide the phone and get stuck in.

5 Star Storage Boxes
5 Star Storage Boxes

4. Get the right storage

Archive boxes for those this you can’t be rid of. Plastic lid boxes for your wires, or perhaps your exhibition kit that only comes out a few times of the year. Have it all on standby.

5. Think ‘do I have to keep it, do I need to keep it, do I want to keep it – if so why’

There is a big difference between needing to keep documents you printed off 10 years ago and cluttering your desk with trade magazines and leaflets your never going to read.

6. Pull out the draws

Don’t be shy, and don’t do a half job, get those draws out, pull the boxes off the shelves, get it all out or you’ll never feel 100%

7. Clean clean clean

Office Spring Clean
Once your tidy don’t forget to wipe down the shelves and draws before you start putting things back in. Cleanliness is next to Ozziness!

8. Get yourself some desk tidies

Desk Tidies
Desk Tidies

Now your desk is clean and clear why not invest in an easy way to keep on top of things. Magazine boxes, paper trays and pen tidies can help you keep on top of things.

9. Don’t forget your digital mess

So you’ve finished in the real world, now sit down and tackle your digital realm. Just like the real-world bin what you don’t need, get your folders sorted and make sure everything is secure.

10. Stay on top of things

Mark a day in the diary each week (maybe a Friday) where you can have a quick clear out, wipe down your desk (not forgetting your keyboard cleaners) and leave for the week confident that you are on top of things!



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