As you know (or if you don’t then where have you been) this week is National Stationery Week!

29th April – 5th May is all about the gloriousness that is stationery and what we enjoy about it!

National Stationery Week

Most of us have a favourite pen, a beloved battered notebook or even a well chewed pencil that we always have close at hand at our workplace. As it’s National Stationery Week, why not give those old friends a rest and try out some of the fab alternatives that are available?

BIC Cristal Ballpens Assorted Colours
BIC Cristal Ballpens Assorted Colours


You don’t need to limit yourself to black or blue ink. Using highlighters or coloured ball pens is a known and proven way of managing projects, Bullet Journalling to give it its proper name. Allowing you to visually track jobs as you progress them.


Agreed, the heyday of letter writing may be long over, but that’s no reason to abandon it altogether. Why not make someone feel special by sending them a written invitation to your next BBQ, rather than just lazily sending a mass text or email to everyone on your smartphone.


On the subject of envelopes, don’t limit yourself to white or manilla.- Why not choose brightly coloured envelopes instead?

This is great for personal mail, but it’s also a proven hit for business mail as well and is far less likely to be binned-without-opening. Could you resist the lure of a lilac envelope?


Coloured Envelopes

Keeping on the mailing theme, don’t just bung on a bog standard label. Give it some love by adding your company logo or a graphic or two. Use a legible but more personal looking scripted font, Angelina is one of our favourites!

We’d love to see how you are embracing the week and trying something different.

Send us some photos of your new colourful writing or your mailouts in bright pink envelopes 🙂 and don’t forget we are here to help as well!


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