Whether you have a tidy desk policy, or whether you work surrounded by leaning towers of paperwork, one thing is certain – we can all benefit by adopting the ‘Pile it, File it, Shred it’ method.

Even if you do have a tidy desk, you will still have paperwork stuffed into cabinets, under the desk, or possibly acting as a monitor riser. The GDPR ruling came into place just over a year ago, and although it may no longer be front page news, the way you store, shred it or destroy data is still the top priority.

The Pile it, File it, Shred it’ approach will help you to comply with GDPR. So, make your desktop tidy again, and is simplicity in itself to use

Gather all of the paperwork that’s on your desk.

Put all the paper that’s on your desk, and what’s hiding in the drawers and stack it into a large pile. If you do nothing else you have at least cleared some space on your desk.

Shred it
Tidy Office

Quickly work your way through the pile of paper.

Simply separating the documents into sub-piles is a great idea. For instance, at work, it might be by client, or project. Maybe even invoices / receipts or masses of emails that you’ve printed out. However, if it’s at home its more likely to be bills, bank statements, shopping offers, health club deals, holiday info etc.

Now go through each pile.

Throw away anything that’s duplicated, any blank pages (esp if you’ve printed out an email), any out of date pages. The discards go immediately through the shredder, the remainder can be put into folders, filing cabinets and boxes.

So there you have it – piled, filed and shredded.

Who knew that a filing system could make you feel this good! Once you have got your paperwork in order you might want to move on to the whole office, take a look at our latest organising blog post for tips!


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