How are you planning to stay Stay Germ Savvy when your back in the workplace

As we start to return to our offices and places of work, it is important to stay vigilant and take precautions. It is important to be Germ Savvy. This new range of office stationery can give you that little added boost to your confidence about keeping yourself, your team and anyone in your workplace a little extra safe.

Rapesco have developed a range of stationery products that are germ savvy. Germ-Savvy™ antimicrobial agent is added to the external plastic parts during manufacture and provides protection for the lifetime of the product.

The needs to know Stay Germ Savvy Back In The Workplace 1

  1. Kills 99% of bacteria
  2. Permanently reduces the risk of infection from plastic parts
  3. Improves hygiene levels in the school, office and home
  4. Products are proven European best sellers
  5. Same buying prices, no price premiums
  6. Certified by SGS to ISO standards

These are items that are used everyday, by everyone, instead of worrying about overbuying items and filling everyones desk or workspaces with extra staplers and punches why not invest in a germ savvy option.

If you’d like to learn a little more why not check out the video on their website then contact us for your order!



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