There are certain products that are elegant in their sheer simplicity and functionality – The 2 drawer filing cabinet is one of them.

Invented in 1894 it is a design that simply has not been bettered. As we advance into the third decade of the 21st century we still have office products that not only simplify our lives. They also make our working lives much more simple. One of these designs is 2 drawer filing cabinets.

Bisley 2 Drawer Filing Cabinet - AOC2
Bisley 2 Drawer Filing Cabinet – AOC2

Within the office environment, a 2 drawer filing cabinet is not only functional – it provides a visual clue as to the professionalism of the company that has it as part of their decor or filing system.

It shows that the company is serious about its record keeping. it’s values and clients. The use of such a filing cabinet allows documents to be identified and located extremely quickly.

The effect of this is to allow meetings to proceed without interruption. It will also allow for client-centric conversation to provide the added value which comes from effective communication.

However, as with all business related purchases in a highly competitive environment, the choices of different styles of two-drawer metal filing cabinets can be a source of confusion. This is especially true given the many styles and price points that are available.

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Even in the days of Cloud storage and other ‘new media’ methods of storing and accessing information their remains a distinct utility handling and sharing hard copies of records. If one thinks back to the idea of the ‘paperless office’ which was once the ideal of businesses across the world it soon becomes apparent that hard copies still remain one of the backbones of modern business.

The value of a good two-drawer filing system should not be underestimated. There is still a legal requirement that hard copies of important documents need to be stored. Official documents need to be notarised and stored for a given number of years before they can be destroyed. A good filing cabinet is invaluable for this purpose. A two drawer filing cabinet is the ideal home office solution. It takes up very little space and the various designs make a version suitable for almost any office – no matter the design style and decor preference.

Modern office environment
An example of today’s modern office environment

There is also the matter of security. The latest cabinets of this type can be locked and secured in order to assure the security of many types. This provides an extra layer of security that is simply far better than that which is available on the Cloud or technically advanced forms of storage.

The fact of the matter is that two-drawer filing cabinets are possibly one of the best products that add value to both the home office environment and the commercial environment.

There are certain products which simply cannot be improved by time or invention. They are perfect as they are. Just as the mouse trap is a perfect example of ingenuity so the are 2 drawer filing cabinets.

It is an indispensable aid to organisation and workflow.


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