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Flipchart pads and easels come in several styles and qualities and depending on how much you use it will depend on which flipchart you choose.

Standard A1 Flipchart Easel

The most common flipchart easel is the standard A1 flipchart which has 3 legs and an A1 size whiteboard that also houses the flipchart pad.  The unit has extendible legs that allows it to be stored away when not in use or when being transported.

Mobile A1 Flipchart easel

If you use your flipchart easel in several different offices and need to move it regularly, then a mobile flipchart easel might be the answer.  They A1 Flip Chart Padcome complete with a five star base similar to that of a chair. This is so that it can be rolled either around the office or from one office to another.  Nobo Barracuda Mobile Easel has a magnetic board that is oversized.  This means extra notes can be made at the side or below the A1 flipchart pad.  The casters are lockable to prevent the easel from rolling around whilst in use.

Heavy Duty A1 Flipchart Easel

Most flipchart easels are made to a high standard, however the Nobo Duramax is made to withstand the toughest environments.  It is manufactured from almost indestructible moulded plastic and has an accessory compartment for things like pens.

A1 Flipchart Paper

Flipchart paper is available in several sizes and paper types, however by far the most popular is the A1 plain flipchart pad.  This has 40 bleed proof pages.  There are other types that are available and are listed below.

Brainstormer Flipchart Pad

The Brainstormer flipchart pad has feint lines on the sheets, so that you are able to write on a line, thus keeping the writing neater.  Each Brainstormer pad has 40 sheets and perforated for easy tear off.

Squared Flipchart Paper

This pad has feint 25mm squares on the sheets that make it easier to draw graphs and diagrams.  Each flipchart pad has 40 sheets with tear off perforations.

Recycled Flipchart Paper

As the name suggests, these flipchart pads are 100% recycled to help protect the environment.  Each recycled flipchart pad has 40 perforated sheets that are plain and made from 70gsm recycled paper.

Flipchart Pads Manchester

Octopus Office Products can deliver flipchart pads all over the UK. We are able to deliver flipchart paper into Manchester and across Cheshire the same day if required from our store in Stockport.  Call us on 0161 429 8118 for urgent requirements.

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