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Restaurant Order Pads

Restaurant Order Pads

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Kitchen Order Pads

The most basic in the range of restaurant order pads that are single ply and 125x65mm, which is approximately 5×2.5″.  They are numbered 1-100 at the top and bottom of the sheet and are stitched at the top.  They have a card back and are sold in boxes of 50.  All of the restaurant order pads are made to fit comfortably inside a waiter or waitress apron.  Even the larger size is still only 3.75″ wide, so can easily fit into a waiter or waitress breast pocket on a shirt or blouse.

Duplicate Restaurant Pads

The duplicate order pad is the most popular as it has a sheet that can stay in the book as well as a sheet that goes to the kitchen.  Each book is numbered 1-50 and also has a book number too, so it can be associated with a particular member of staff.  Available in 2 sizes, 140x76mm (5.5×3″) or 165x95mm (6.5×3.75″), one if more suitable for a restaurant and the other perhaps a bar.

These pads are stitched securely at the head to keep the copies in place until the last page is used.  Octopus supply duplicate order pads in boxes of 50, or in smaller convenience packs of 10.  Smaller pack sizes are not supplied through our online store.  Both sizes designed specifically to fit into a pocket of a waitress or waiter.

Triplicate Restaurant Order Padstriplicate-pad

The use of triplicate restaurant pads is a little unusual now, but these may be required if the bill for the table is calculated witht he use of the order pads themselves.  The pad is numbered 1-50 and as with the duplicate pad, each pad is printed with Table No, Coverts, Date and Initials.  They are also the larger size, which is 165x95mm (6.5×3.75″).  Again, these will fit into a waiter’s or waitress’s pocket or apron.

Restaurant Order Pads In Manchester

if you run a bar, restaurant, pub or cafe in Manchester and require restaurant order pads, we are able to deliver free of charge to you.  We have vans delivering all over Greater Manchester every day, so even same day deliveries are generally possible.  For more information, call our sales office on 0161 429 8118.

Best Restaurants In Manchester

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