You can now write in the rain with a waterproof notebook.

Waterproof Notebook

Waterproof Notebook

We supply a range of waterproof books for surveyors and civil engineers.


Chartwell Watershed All Weather Waterproof Notebook

The Chartwell waterproof notebook is 101 x 156mm (approx A6 size) and has 50 leaves of waterproof paper.  It can be used in the rain or damp conditions such as freezers or swimming pools.  You can white in it using your normal pen or pencil, so no special writing instruments are required.  It is best to use a standard biro rather than a liquid ink or gel pen, as these take longer to dry.


Life Guards

Anybody working around swimming pools or water could use a waterproof notebook.  It could be used to record incidents or check lists that need to be carried out.  As the pages are tear resistant, the book should last some time.

SurveyorsSurveyors Book

Surveyors working on-site use notebooks in all weathers.  Weather building roads, factories or hospitals, they can be working outside in all weather conditions.  The notebooks can be written on in pencil as well as pen, so writing in the rain is possible.


A builder is often required to take notes to quote on jobs outside, possibly in the rain.  The Chartwell waterproof notebook will stand up to being in and out of pockets because the pages are strong and the cover is waterproof.


If a plumber is fitting a heating system or just fixing a faulty tap, he may need to make notes about any parts or equipment that is needed.  A waterproof notebook can be used without the worry of it getting wet and the pages becoming illegible.


An engineer in the field might need to take measurements or draw diagrams to use for designing installations.  The Chartwell notebook is ideal for that as it stays in good condition even when it has been used in an oily or dirty environment.

Chartwell Field Books

Octopus also supply a range of Chartwell field books.  These are also known as survey books and come in a selection of rulings and sizes.


Delivery of Your Waterproof Notebook

Octopus deliver all over the UK, however we deliver around Greater Manchester every day.  If you are based in Manchester or Cheshire, you can click and collect from our store.

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