Whether you scribble, italicise, block cap or go full on caligraphic, your handwriting says an awful lot about your personality. Next time someone leaves you a sticky note with a message on it, take a closer look – their writing can be telling you a lot more than the info they’ve just handed to you! LETTERS:
  • POINTED: a sign of intelligence
  • ROUNDED: a sign of creativity
  • BIG GAPS: freedom and independence
  • LITTLE GAPS: likes close company
  • BIG: outgoing and extroverted
  • SMALL: introvert and quieter
  • AVERAGE: ability to focus
  • HEAVY: a sign of tension and anger
  • MODERATE: a sign of commitment
  • SOFT: empathy and sensitivity
  • HIGH: an active imagination
  • CLOSE: organised with attention to detail
  • LEFT LEANING: prone to procrastinating
  • CIRCLES: playful nature
  • LONG: determined and enthusiastic
  • SHORT: can be a little lazy!
  • HIGH: goal driven
  • LOW: relaxed and settled
Our ozzy has the extra ability to write with all 8 limbs so who knows what kind of handwriting he has! Dont forget that everyone needs a good pen no matter what their style is, we have a wide range from bios to fountain pens, and all the paper to write on!

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