Looking for creative ideas during lockdown?

Things sure change in the space of a week. We as a country (and similarly across the Globe) have gone from bulk-buying toilet rolls in the supermarkets, to being shut in our homes for 24 hours a day… apart from a very welcome, but lonely, singular walk with social-distancing.

The true test of our British grit is being shown in our new role as teachers for our now home-schooled children, but it doesn’t have to all be stress and boring lessons. We have gathered together some easy, fun and creative ideas that you can do with your children to keep them entertained using everyday stationery items.

5 creative ideas that will keep kids busy during lockdown 1

Make a Monopoly board of where you live

This idea comes from a family, local to where the Octopus office is based. Using some card, coloured pens and local landmarks you can create a monopoly board with funny references, street names and shops based where you live. Not only can you get hours of fun from playing the game, but it will fill in much needed creative time designing the board itself with your children.

Paper puppet show

Move over Punch and Judy, you can create your own puppet characters with colourful pens, paper and some cocktail sticks. Whether it be animals, aliens, humans or unicorns your children aren’t restricted by anything, other than their imaginations. They could even act out their favourite tv show or book. Let their creative ideas flow!

Write letters to local elderly and vulnerable people

Not everyone is lucky enough to be isolated with someone else. Thousands of elderly and vulnerable people are alone in their house or secluded in their room in a care home. Ask your children to draw a colourful picture or write some words of friendship. The virus may be bad but we can all still show the good side to humanity

Become fashion designers

This may even spark a future fashionista out of your children. Using a big sheet of paper, draw round your child. Once you have the outline let them design a new t shirt, dress, trousers, trainers or whatever they want. You can then cut it out and stick it on top of their normal clothes with Sellotape! Heaps of fun and a great Instagram picture

The world is your canvas

This idea is something that comes from many of our own childhoods. All you need is some chalk (or chalk pens) and some patio space.

Then all you have to do is let your child loose with the chalk, they could create an obstacle course or hopscotch (sometimes the oldies are the best ideas) or draw some extra flowers for the garden. The best bit about chalk is there no cleaning up to be done as you just need to wait for the rain.

Don’t forget to take a picture of your little artists work before it gets washed away!

For up-to-date information on Covid-19 and Self-Isolation click here

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