Given the current concerns over environmental protection, not to mention all the talk about the cloud and the paperless office, you may well be wondering whether printers are even needed at all in today’s workplaces.

But some industries still need physical signatures on certain documents, and to keep both hard and electronic copies of papers. What’s more, some people simply prefer working with or editing hard copies, while many marketing products are still paper-based. (You can’t hand out an email at a trade fair, after all.)

So digital documents perhaps best complement physical ones, rather than replacing them completely. And using less paper in your office is probably a more realistic aim than going completely paperless. That said, of course we’re all for smart, efficient printing and for reducing energy use and paper consumption as far as possible.

Business machines in your office

The reality is that your office almost certainly needs its own printers and copiers. Even fax machines, which you may feel are a relic from the Stone Age, are not as obsolete as you may have thought. There are no spam folders on faxes, after all, plus you are notified when your recipient has got the document safely, while for some sectors it’s important to be able to send legal documents with signatures via an encrypted fax service.

Business machines from Octopus Office Products

So your organisation is likely to need a number of business machines to maximise productivity, staff satisfaction and efficiency. At Octopus Office Products, we’ve been supplying these across Manchester and Stockport for 20-odd years, since the days when you had to hook up your printer to your PC to get it to work!

The technology may have moved on considerably since 2002, but our basic core principles of good service and quality products from leading manufacturers for businesses across our area remain.

We sell and lease the latest laser and inkjet printers, as well as label printers from top brand Brother, plus the address labels you need to go with them.

Many organisations still get audio files typed up, so we also supply digital dictation equipment. This links up directly to a computer, with the mini cassettes we used to supply now long gone. (Not that we’re particularly sorry; the things were always wearing out or getting tangled up.)

If you regularly need to bind documents, again we can help, with machines to suit your needs whether you’re binding paperwork all the time or just occasionally.

Finally, if you are still communicating by fax, we’re an excellent source of fax machine supplies across all major brands, including for models which are now out of production, from older Panasonic units using paper rolls to a more modern version running on inkjet or laser toner cartridges. Paper rolls we supply include 210mm x 30mm or 100m, plus 216mm x 15m rolls.

We also have the refills and original ink film rolls for thermal transfer faxes.

Whether you want to spread the cost of your equipment via leasing, or buy outright, we can help.

Remember, we deliver office machines in Greater Manchester ourselves every working day, and dispatch across the UK via courier. What’s more, we won’t charge you a penny for delivery – plus you can also collect your order from our conveniently located store in Stockport if you prefer.

Our team also has the knowledge to answer any questions you may have, and we’ll gladly have an informal, no-obligation chat with you about which of our top-quality products would best suit your needs. Get in touch today to learn more.


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