Workplace ethics – So here at Octopus Office Products, we like our team to think our team is one of the best. Ozzy also doesn’t stand for any bad Octo-vibes!

Below are his top tips on office workplace ethics, and how not to be ‘that’ person in the business.

Work ethics in the office

1: Being an energy sap

Every office has them, the person that no matter how happy you might be feeling, they squeeze every inch of joy from you. People fall into two categories, complainers or appreciators. Appreciators make other people feel good, compliment a job well done and keep gossip to them self.

Complainers find any opportunity to criticise, find fault and bring the mood of colleagues down. Research shows that appreciators are rated by bosses 25% higher than complainers and are also 31% more productive.

2: You do all the talking

Managers listen up, time to stop talking! Many a manager feels like it should be them who does all the talking but they couldn’t be more wrong. Less talking + more listening = better results. Fact!

Talking, chatting, gossip

3: You treat work like family

Colleagues aren’t your family, no matter how close you may be. Emotional outbursts, unacceptable behaviour, raising your voice will all be forgiven by family, but not by work colleagues. It’s an absolute no. Don’t do it!

4: You resist change

No one is really keen on change, especially when it is forced on us at work, but it is inevitable so go with it. Often change brings with it an opportunity, so next time change comes your way, instead of being a complainer, ask yourself “how can I make this into a positive?”

5: You refuse to ‘manage up’

It is said that being the boss is a lonely place. Any relationship has to be two way, and a good relationship with the boss isn’t sucking up. It’s treating them like the human being they are. Don’t let their title get in the way. Invite them to the next work drinks or ask how their weekend was, you might see a different side to them.

6: You’re the office gossip

Most of us would find it hard to deny that we don’t enjoy a bit of office gossip, but being the one to spread it around is unkind and unprofessional. Whispering about what the guy from the Dublin office got up to at the Christmas party isn’t going to get you that promotion, stick to talking about what was on TV last night, it’s far safer.


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