Most of the country might have had the wettest June on record, but be sure that at some point the sun will start to make things uncomfortable in your office! Surely…

Keeping cool at work is crucial to ensure that you stay comfortable, alert and productive throughout the working day. So before you crank up the air conditioning unit which you know will split opinion in the office straight down the middle. Try some of our top tips for staying cool when the heat rises.

You know Ozzy would never steer you wrong, and who best to give you tips to stay cool….have you ever seen a hot octopus?

Office Fan Stay Cool
Keep Cool With An Office Desk Fan


Make sure you’ve dressed appropriately. If you overdress you’ll be in a permanent state of sweaty discomfort from the start of your day until the end. If you run your own business perhaps allowing the team to come into the office in more casual dress would help. Obviously no speedos before 5 pm!


Ditch the tea and coffee. Caffeine in tea and coffee can increase heart rate and subsequently blood flow, causing your temperature to rise.

Drink Water
Keep Hydrated – Water Water Water!

It’s far better to keep hydrated with water. This might sound boring but try adding a slice of lemon or lime and an ice cube to good old plain tap water, it’s amazingly refreshing!


Stopping the sun from entering a room will help keep things cool. Sunlight shining through into the office all day, every day, will almost create a ‘greenhouse effect’. Stopping this from happening for as much time as possible will keep the temperature lower.  The easiest way is to keep the blinds or curtains drawn when possible.


Dabbing cold water or holding an ice cube on your pulse points will provide immediate relief from the heat. It will also help to cool your entire body. Another trick is to keep a small spray bottle to hand and spritz your face. It will keep you cool and is really good for your skin! Add a little peppermint oil for extra vroom!


Love them or hate them you know you will be dusting off the old office fan as soon as the temperature reaches the mid-twenties.

You don’t have to put up with the old noise industrial looking contraptions however, there are plenty of modern sleek office fans options out there to help you keep cool.


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