You know how Ozzy loves his facts, he has been digging around and researching filing!  OUR FILING HABITS - a picture of filing in the average UK office 1

Filing might not seem the most glamours subject but we all have to do it, love it or hate it, if its not done right you ll soon know about it. Did you know that workers on average spend a whopping 70% of their time processing paper!! Here are a few other fun facts for you…

  • The average worker spends 45 to 90 minutes daily looking for missing documents.
  • 15% of paper documents are misfiled or misplaced and if that wasn’t mystifying enough, 59% of middle managers say they miss important existing information almost every day because they cannot find it.
  • If all customer-facing staff could immediately access all customer and case-related information, customer service levels and response times could be improved by 30%.
    A whopping 30% of paper documents contain obsolete information!

So if your more messy than mindful of your filing why not check out some of handy items in filing? We have everything from expandable files to storage boxes!

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