We stock the 2023 year planner for organising staff holidays.

Year Planner 2023

Year Planner 2023


If you want to organise your staff holidays in 2023, then one of the best ways is with a planner on the wall.  There are several types of planner that might work depending on a number of factors.

Staff Numbers

If you only have a small number of staff (up to 6 perhaps), then the standard year planner is a good way of organising staff holidays.   More than a few employees and 2023 staff planner might work best as it has enough space for up to 40 staff.

Space Available

The standard size planner is 915 x 610mm, roughly 36×24″.  If however space is limited, Sasco make a couple of smaller options. These are the 2023 Compact year planner and the 2023 Super Compact year planner.

Mounted Or Unmounted

Depending on the surface that the planner is being placed will determine whether a rigid or a soft planner is required.  The 2023 rigid planner is mounted on a hard cardboard so that if it placed on an uneven surface it will still be flat.  The soft planner is supplied rolled up and can be placed on a flat surface and secured with basic adhesive such as sellotape of sticky pads.

Year Planner 2023


The standard 2023 year planner has a small box (roughly 40x20mm or 1.5 x 3.75″).  It comes with a packet of stickers and each person is assigned a colour.  For holidays, a coloured sticker is placed into the box to show that person is on annual leave.

For other types of leave ie training or sickness a pen is supplied to write this on the planner.

Staff Planner 2023


Staff Planner

The 2023 staff planner has a horizontal row for each employee and all of their holidays, training and sickness is recorded along that line.  Green may be used for sick days, red for training and blue for holidays, but as each person is assigned their own line, there is no confusion.

Compact Year Planner 2023


The 2023 Compact Year Planner is almost identical to the standard size planner except the overall size is 610x410mm or approximately 24×16″.  This is available in both landscape and portrait format.

Super Compact Year Planner 2023


The 2023 Super Compact Year Planner is identical to the Compact, although slightly smaller again.  This tiny planner measures just 400x285mm or approximately 15×11″.

Fiscal Year PlannerFiscal Planner


The 2023 fiscal planner is mainly used by accounts departments as it coincides with the UK tax year.  Running from April to March makes it easier for companies whose annual leave follows the tax year.  The format of the planner is the same as a standard year planner.

Academic Year Planner 2023


If a planner is required for a school, college or university then the academic planner might be the best option.  The 2023 academic year planner runs from August to July, so coincides with the school year.  This planner is virtually the same as the standard year planner, except it starts in August.

Oversized Planner 2023


If more space is needed in the days of the month to write information, then the 2023 oversize planner may be the solution.  This planner is the the same height as the standard planner, but extra wide, meaning the individual boxes are wider too.

Vertical Year Planner 2023


The 2023 vertical planner is where the months of the year are along the top of the planner.  This means the planner can be placed onto the back of a door or into a place where the width is restricted.  The boxes for each day are also more suitable for writing in as they are wider.

2023 Diaries For The Office

We also supply a range of desk diaries for the office.  Click here for more information.

Fast Free Local Delivery

Do you need a 2023 planner urgently?  We have stock of most year planner formats for speedy delivery across Greater Manchester and Cheshire.  Click and collect is also an option for local Manchester based businesses.

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