At Octopus we buy in extra 2017 year planner stock, because company’s need them all the way through the year.

2017 Year Planner

2017 Year Planner

Octopus stock a range of 2017 year planners, holiday planners and staff planners for the general office.

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Year Planner

The standard 2017 year planner is the most popular type of planner in the UK.  They are available in a soft rolled up version or a hard backed version.  Each day has its own box, large enough to white a small amount of information.

Unmounted Year Planner2017 Year Planner

The unmounted 2017 year planner comes rolled up, but is ready to unroll and fix to a wall.  It is the lighter of the 2 types and can be fixed to most walls using either drawing pins or tape.  It comes complete with a planning kit that includes labels and a wipe off felt pen.

Mounted Year Planner

Our mounted year planner is exactly the same as the unmounted version except that it is mounted on a cardboard backing sheet.  The planner is folded in half for easier transportation and storage.

Staff Planner

The Octopus 2017 staff planner has a small box for each day of the week.  The holes are too small to write in, but each employee has their own line in order to use different colour stickers to denote different activities.  For example they could use red for training, green for sickness, blue for other activities.  This planner is suitable for up to 40 employees.

Holiday Planner

Our holiday planner has a small boxes for each Monday of the week.  The way this works is by writing in the box the number of days holiday is taken in that week.  This planner has a line for each member of staff up to 38 employees.

Day Planner

Day planners are ideal for employees that work 7 days a week.  They have a small box for every day of the week including Saturdays and Sundays.  This planner can be used for businesses with up ,to 40 employees.

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