The Curble Chair

The Curble Chair

Helping you to sit straighter

Most of us know how we should sit at our desk, however during the couse of the day we stop thinking about our seating position.  We are engrossed in the task in hand or just slowly begin to slouch to one side.


The new Curble chair can help you to sit straighter by encouraging your spine into the correct position.  When you sit on the Curble, the back rest pushes into your lower back and in doing so, stops you from slouching.  In fact it is virtually impossible to slouch whilst using the Curble chair.

As you sit in the Curble chair, the backrest forces you to sit straight.  It also lifts the coccyx and supports the waist, meaning that you can sit for longer periods when required.


The Curble chair has ventilation holes in the seat and back to help keep the user cool in the summer months.  The fabric also has ridges moulded into it to help even more air to circulate around the body.

Use it with your existing chairCurble Chair

You don’t have to buy a new chair if you use the Curble.  It can be used with your existing office chair in most cases.  This can save a lot of money and the hassle of having to choose a new office chair.

Where else can the Curble be used?

Virtually anywhere that you sit could be somewhere to use the Curble.

Camping – Take the Curble on a camping trip and use it to sit on the floor (just put something underneath to keep it clean).

Picnic – Put the Curble in the car and take it on a picnic.  You can then sit correctly whilst enjoying the fresh air.

The sofa – Watching TV on the sofa or armchair with a good posture

Dining table – Whilst eating dinner or lunch in a better seating position

In bed – If you regularly sit up in be reading, the Curble could help you to keep a good posture while you get engrossed in your book.

It is portable too

Take it from office to office if you work in different locations around your business.

The Curble is light and has an integrated carrying handle, so you can take it from chair to chair.  You can even take it home and use it on the floor or at the dining table.

Choice of colours.

The Curble fabric is available in 3 standard colours.  They are red, black or light grey, however the polyurethane shell is ivory in the red and grey and black in the black option.


Adult or child sizes.

There is a smaller Curble for children under 12 years

How should we sit at our desk?

Most of us know how we should sit at our desk, however over the course of the day we can begin to lose the position that we need.  Here are some hints on how to sit properly.

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