There is always a lot of talk about mindfulness, increasingly so in the office. Ozzy is a great believer on being mindful and calm, it helps the office hub run smoother!

Mindful Office – So how can you bring a little mindfulness into your office?

There are plenty of opportunities you just have to be aware of them.
Write a Letter
Write a letter – There’s nothing quite like the feel of a pen

Old fashioned writing

There’s nothing quite like the feel of a pen in your tentacle erm we mean hand. With everything being digital these days it’s not often you get to use a good pen however why not make a moment.

Do a brainstorm, write a list, even write a letter to a customer?!

Take some time to feel the pen in your fingers. How it glides over the paper. Concentrate on the words you are writing and sounds them out in your head. Enjoy doing something real even for just 5 minutes.


Not everyone’s favourite job but sometimes it just has to be done. So how about you make the most of it and really zone into what you’re doing. Concentrate, breath and feel the files in your hands. Don’t think about anything else simply be in your moment. It’s amazing how quickly time will fly!
Office Shredder Shredding
Oddly satisfying – Paper shredding can provide a prime opportunity to be mindful


Oddly satisfying shredding can provide a prime opportunity to be mindful. Watching the paper move, hearing the noise, repetitively feeding through the paper…we feel relaxed already.  Stand (or sit) tall, breath deep longs breaths whilst you work your way through the documents. We hope these little moments might help you feel refreshed and revitalised in the office, don’t be surprised if you feel like work isn’t so much work anymore!  

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