Its that time of year again, school finishing, summer holidays upon us. But before the wrap parties start and the school uniform is buried in the draws there is always ‘work experience week’.

Here at Octopus HQ we firmly believe in supporting the next generation. We took a fledgeling stationery newbie and showed him the inner workings of our operation. Barnaby joined us for a week and experienced all sides of the Octopus life from deliveries to accounting. Here is what he said –
Hello, my name is Barnaby and I’m 14 years old. I have been doing work experience at the Octopus Office Products company in Stockport. I have had loads of fun whilst I’ve been here, from going out with the drivers, to putting stickers on boxes.

My Thoughts of the Job

At the start of the job, I was nervous and unsure, but as the week went on, I felt more comfortable and at ease.

What were the Staff like?

I have met so many nice people on my journey this week and the staff were lovely towards my arrival. They have taught me many new things, from learning how to use an embossing stamp to assembling furniture.

On this past week, I have done many things. Here is a list of what I have done on each day:


On Monday, I went to a chemical research lab to put furniture together. I also used an embosser to stamp foil stickers, in addition to this, I was taught what computer system they used and how it all worked.


On Tuesday, most of the day was delivering and driving in Manchester. There was also an urgent delivery that was needed to be collected and sent on the same day. I almost fell asleep, but I kept myself together!


Wednesday was kind of the same, delivering and driving, but in the beautiful place of Buxton. I also came back to the warehouse to do some more embossing.


On Thursday, I was taught about the marketing side of the company, and, how the accounts worked. I was also shown the analytics of the company.


On Friday, I unpacked deliveries of items for stock and put stickers on boxes, so the customers know where to order from next time they need the products.

I have had a wild experience whilst at the Octopus Office Products warehouse, and I would like to thank the staff there for putting up with me. I would also like to thank Tytherington High School for giving me the opportunity.


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