The ‘hustling’ concept is on its way over here from the States. What is it and is it healthy?

The Hustle is the (insane) idea that unless you’re suffering, grinding or you’re working every hour of every day and posting about it on Instagram. You are just not working hard enough. Well, Ozzy isn’t onboard with that!

The Octopus team work hard for their customers but no-one is suffering that’s for sure. So let’s delve into this a little deeper, what it actually involved in the ‘hustle’.

Hustle Stressed
Suffering, grinding & working every hour of every day = Hustle


In the States, the work culture is different. Many employees are measured by the harder they work, their commitment to the company, and how ‘present’ they are at all times. Although there certainly are industries in the UK where you can find the same kind of ethos, we have a responsibility to not let it become mainstream thinking.

We personally deliver to our customers literally same day if we need to but we know when enough is enough! The Ozzy team have families they like to get home to!

Definitely not healthy

The problem is that working all the hours in the day has become something of a badge of pride. That is really unhealthy both mentally and physically, and not to mention totally unobtainable – ask any parent!

Work smarter

A useful method of negating the ‘hustle’ effect is to work smarter. Our brains are not designed to do their best work all day long.

If you can plan your workload around your brain’s peaks and troughs you will get a lot more good work done.

In the morning, your brain is most alert and your problem-solving ability is going to be at its highest. In the afternoon, however, your brain definitely slows down making it a much better time to tackle mundane tasks such as replying to emails and routine daily tasks.

This looser time is actually great for insight and creativity too.

Work Smarter
Work Smarter Not Harder – SET GOALS!

Your healthy workplace

A measure of success should be how productive your team is in terms of meeting targets. Not how many evenings they had to work in order to achieve it. This change in culture would need to come from the top down.

If we can promote a healthy workplace that emphasises smart working, we can hopefully stop ‘the hustle’ in its tracks.

Ozzy’s advice?

Make sure you are striking a balance of quality work time vs quality leisure and family time!

The important word being quality here, it’s not about multi-tasking and trying to please everyone all the time. It’s about switching the work emails off and spending time with your loved ones.

It’s also about staying off social media and getting that important to-do list done so you can go home on time!


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