One of the negative aspects of working in an office is that most of the time there will be someone eating crisps, munching biscuits or gobbling chocolate bars – which makes you hungry – even when you’re not!

Don’t give in to the temptation of ‘bad’ food, go for healthy super snacks! Apart from not adding to your waistline (well, not too much) these fab foods will give you energy, keep you alert and best of all make you feel happy and smug that you’ve avoided the temptation of yet another bag of Monster Munch…

Cadburys Chocolate Snack
Cadburys Chocolate


Snack potential: When you’re busy, you can nibble away without any preparation. Just remember to portion it up beforehand so you don’t eat a week’s worth in one go…!


Snack potential: Real hunger. Make this snack mega by adding fruit and trail mix.


Snack potential: When you’re avoiding the latest traybake but need something sweet to fully put the craving to bed.


Snack potential: Best when you’re ‘bored hungry’ (read not very hungry, just need some kind of distraction).

What snacks do you like to bring into the office? Or perhaps you’re more of a tea drinker when you feel peckish?

We provide a variety of tea for the office whether its green or Yorkshire. If you’re feeling a bit naughty on a Friday we also supply biscuits…cause you can’t be good all the time!


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