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Rolls Or Sheets Of Labels?

Address labels are available in two main formats, which are rolls and sheets.  The most popular and well known are Avery address labels.  These come in lots of sizes from 1 per sheet, all the way up to 84 labels per sheet.

Avery labels are available in different formats and can be used in inkjet printers, laser printers and photocopiers.

Laser Address Labels

Laser labels reference numbers all begin with L as in L7159, L7160, L7162, L7163, L7651 and L7173.  At the end of the reference number there is avery-labelsthe pack size.  This is either 40 for 40 sheets, 100 for 100 sheets, 250 for 250 sheets and 500 for the huge 500 sheet packs.

Inkjet Address Labels

Inkjet labels reference numbers all begin with a J as in J8159, J8160, J8162, J8163, J8173 and J8165.  Again at the end of the reference number is the pack size.  This can be either 25 for 25 sheets, 100 for the 100 sheet packs and 250 for the large 250 sheet packs.

Avery Speciality Labels

Avery also make labels that have added benefits like being recycled.  These labels have a prefix of LR as in LR7160-100 and there are also clear transparent labels that come in packs of 25 sheets.  Repositionable labels are also available, these can be removed from the paper and then re-applied. Octopus also stock labels made specifically for Royal Mail Smartstamp postage.  These are either 20 labels per sheet, 14 labels per sheet or 10 labels per sheet.

Antalis Communique Labels

Octopus also stock the full range of Communique labels.  The Communique range consists of all the standard formats.  There is 1 per sheet, 2 per sheet, 3 per sheet, 4 per sheet, 6 per sheet, 8 per sheet, 10 per sheet, 12 per sheet, 14 per sheet, 16 per sheet, 18 per sheet, 21 per sheet, 24 per sheet and 65 per sheet.  There are also CD labels that are 2 per sheet.  Communique labels are compatible with the Avery formats, however they are cheaper and also multi-purpose meaning they can be used in either inkjet or laser printers.

Address Labels In Manchester

Octopus are able to deliver address labels the same day in Manchester and Cheshire areas using our own Octopus vans.  We deliver all over the UK on a next day basis, however local customers are able to benefit from our local express delivery.  Please call our sales office on 0161 429 8118 for details.

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