Back and neck pain is one of the top complaints of those who work in offices. Often this is due to a number of factors such as posture, the chair position, or use of the mouse.

An adjustable monitor arm can ease this. It’s now recognised as one of the major factors, which can solve the position of your computer screens or screens.

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Ideally, you need to:

  1. Position the centre of the screen in your eye line, if you have two screens make sure the middle of both (top to bottom) is in your centre gaze.
  2. Place the screens arm’s length away from you, more if the screens are larger
  3. Make sure they are in a position with no glare or shine
  4. Place the monitor so you can clearly read the screen without bending your head, neck or trunk forward or backwards.
Fellowes Dual 360-degree Adjustable Monitor Arm
Fellowes Dual 360-degree Adjustable Monitor Arm

These are all ideal but what about when the sun moves and the glare coming back? What if you’re sharing the screens with someone who is a different height to you?

What if you like to reposition your chair? The ideal answer is an adjustable monitor arm. The Fellowes fully independent adjustable monitor arms have 360° rotation via innovative gas spring technology allowing for effortless movement.

Looking for an Adjustable Monitor Arm? Try the Fellowes Dual 360 degree 1

Fellowes Dual 360-degree Adjustable Monitor Arms

Fellowes Dual 360-degree Adjustable Monitor Arm

Intuitive cable management system and two 3.0 USB ports make it easy to connect your favourite devices. Easily mounted via clamp or grommet, each arm holds a monitor up to 9kg (up to 27” monitors) and meets VESA® mounting standards.

Maximum width (from the centres of each monitor mount): 850.9 mm Maximum reach depth (from the base towards the user): 495.3 mm Maximum height (from desktop to centre of each monitor mount): 393.7mm.

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Fellowes Adjustable Monitor Arm Features:

  • Fully independent adjustable dual monitor arm with innovative gas spring technology providing effortless monitor adjustment
  • Each arm holds a monitor up to a 27″ and 9kgs
  • Two built-in USB ports located at the base of the product makes it easy to connect your favourite devices
  • An intuitive cable management system helps minimise clutter
  • Easy to mount – can be mounted via clamp or grommet
  • Specifications: +85° / -15° Tilt, 180° Pan, 360° Rotation
  • 360° rotation for easy cord access

Built-in cable management

Integrated cable management to keep your workspace free of cables.

USB Ports

Integrated USB ports making it easy to stay connected to your favourite devices.

Make sure the pain in your neck is only caused by the never-ending to-do list!

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