If you’re wondering if it’s time for a new office refit there are many telltale signs. Do you have constant back or neck strain? Maybe you feel depressed rather than upbeat when you sit down in your workspace.

Another clue is that you’re wanting to work more and more in the local coffee shop, even though their coffee isn’t that great. Maybe it’s time for a change of office furniture or a full office refit.

Whether you work in a giant corporation or from the shed in your garden it’s vital that you are not only comfortable but also feel good about the furniture that you use. It’s a proven fact that your comfort impacts your productivity.

Perching your bottom on a suitable chair and having a desk that suits you personally couldn’t be more important. Not to mention the long term impact of bad furniture. You can be physically injured, cause tension headaches and your mental health can suffer if your environment doesn’t promote physical and mental well being.

Office Refit
Cheap office chairs can lead to bad backs and poor posture

A quick browse online will turn up thousands of funky and trendy chairs and desks that can be very tempting. It’s very important to consider your own workspace, rather than the ultra-chic, double-height converted factory floor that they use in the photographs.

It is also important to bear in mind that you’ll be sat in your chair for a large part of the day. We can’t stress enough why you should opt for one with at the very least a lumbar and back tilt control.

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Cheap office furniture

Buying cheap office furniture and chairs is a guaranteed route to agony. While you’re at it, a footrest is a vital accessory to keep you in a good working posture.

We’ve mentioned them before, but the sit-stand desks really do work well. These encourage you to alternate between sitting and standing through the day thus preventing the typical back problems that affect many office workers.

Do you have under or side desk storage?

If so, is it on the right side for you and is it sufficient to hold your files? A separate storage cupboard might be just what you need to keep your desk and desk drawers free from clutter.

Good quality office furniture can help boost productivity.

It’s not just a case of spoiling yourself. You could actually make more money by investing in the right stuff. So what should you consider?

Corner DeskStorage

  • What do you actually need versus what is surrounding you?

Chair type

  • Are you tall, short, do you have longer arms?
  • Try out different chairs and discover how best they can support you when sitting
  • Would a standing desk work for you? Or could there be a happy middle ground?

What equipment do you need?

  • Phone, desktop/laptop, mouse, scanner, printer? And where will they all go?

How big is your workspace?

  • Some wonderful looking desks with lots of work surface can look super chic. However, are they going to mean your squeezing out to get your morning brew?

The most important park to rebooting the office is finding a supplier who you can trust and who will help you.

You can order your office furniture online and put it all up yourself. Or you can speak to a human who has actually sat in these office chairs, worked at these office desks and knows the pros and cons of each. Do your research and make sure you have a partner who can serve your office refit.


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