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Avery Product Labels

Avery Product Labels

We supply a range of Avery labels designed to make your products look professional.

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Avery Bag Toppers

Avery make bag toppers that wrap around the top of your bag so that they look professional hanging from a shelf.  The size of the bag topper is 137mm wide and 48mm tall and have a euro slot pre-punched into the card ready for stapling around your bag.  They are made from white card ready to be printed in colour.avery-bag-toppers

Removable Price Labels

Pricing labels by Avery are made so that you can print 102 labels on a single sheet without the need for a pricing gun.  Once applied to a product, these labels like all removable Avery product labels can be removed without leaving any residue or bits of label.  The price labels are shaped like traditional pricing labels 26x12mm white with a wavy edge.

Removable Avery Product Labels

Removable Avery product labels are ideal for applying to items that need to be removed without damaging or leaving residue on the item.  They are available in 3 shapes, those being oval, circular or rectangular.  The size of the removable labels is roughly 60mm wide, exact sizes can be seen by clicking on the shape above.  As with the bag toppers, these labels are made white ready to be printed in colour.

Glossy Avery Product Labels

Glossy product labels are made using permanent adhesive so that once you have applied them to your product, they are difficult to remove.  The glossy labels are available in the circular and oval shapes too and again like other Avery product labels are white coloured.  Therefore,  they can be printed with your company logo or product picture.

Brown Kraft Avery Product LabelsL7106-Brown-Kraft-Label

Brown kraft labels are also made using permanent adhesive and will stick to most materials such as glass, some plastics and metals.  Product labels made from brown kraft are available in oval, circular and rectangular shapes.  They have a matt finish and like other Avery product labels can be printed using your own printer.

Avery Strung Product Tags

Strung tags from Avery can be used to individually price or label your products and attach them using the string provided.  There are 10 tags per A4 page and once printed are just pushed out.  They can then be tied or stuck to your products making them look as professional as the large chain stores.

Clear Avery Product Labels

If you are applying labels to a clear jar or you want the colour of your container to show through, you can buy Avery product labels made from a clear material.  These labels once stuck onto your product will let the contents of a jar or bottle show through the gaps in your print.  This can give your customers the impression that your products are perhaps made in larger numbers.  Clear product labels are made in circular or oval shapes.

Quantities Per Pack

Bag toppers – L7112-10 – 40 toppers & 40 bags per pack

Removable pricing labels – L7115REV-20 – 2040 labels per pack

Oval product labels – L7101REV-20 – 360 labels per pack

Removable circular product pabels – L7104REV-20 – 240 labels per pack

Removable rectangular product pabels – L7108REV-20 – 180 labels per pack

Glossy oval product labels – J8102-10 – 180 labels per pack

Glossy circular product labels – J8105-10 – 120 labels per pack

Brown kraft oval product labels – L7103-20 – 360 labels per pack

Kraft circular product labels – L7106-20 – 240 labels per pack

Brown kraft rectangular product labels – L7110-20 – 360 labels per pack

Product tags with string – C32300-10 – 100 tags & strings per pack

Clear circular product labels – L7127-10 – 120 labels per pack

Clear oval product labels – L7119-10 – 180 labels per pack

If you require Avery product labels quickly, we can generally dispatch the same day.  This means customers in the Manchester area can have labels the same day in most cases.  Please call our sales office on 0161 429 8118 for more information.

Create your labels using Avery software by clicking here.

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