The Sigel magnetic glass board is ideal for the modern office or designer home.

Sigel Magnetic Glass Board

Sigel Magnetic Glass Board

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Sigel Magnetic Glass Board Safety

The Sigel magnetic glass boards are made from high quality tempered safety glass (EN 12151-1).  The fixings are also approved by TUV to ensure that the board is secured onto the wall securely.  They are hung without frames and there are no fixings visible once the board is in place.

Sigel Magnetic Glass Board Sizes

There are several sizes of Sigel glass dry wipe boards, either square or rectangular.  The most common size that we supply is the 480x480mm (roughly 19″ square).  This size has the largest range of finishes and colours in the range.  These include black, white, red, taupe, slate design and whitewash brick design.  There is also a smaller square magnetic glass board, which is 300x300mm (approximately 12″ square).  This is available in the standard finishes such as white, black or red.sigel-board-black

The rectangular magnetic boards some in 3 sizes. The 780x480mm (roughly 30×19″) board comes in the pristine black or white finishes only.  The 910x460mm (approximately 36×18″) is available in a larger range of finishes.  As well as the black, white and red, the slate and white brick designs are available too.  The largest of the Sigel magnetic glass boards is the 1300x550mm (51×21″), this size is available in the same range  of colours as the 910x460mm.

Sigel Magnetic Glass Board Styles

The slate and white stone designs are particularly eye catching as they look as if they are textured, but are in fact completely smooth.  All of the boards are made from smooth glass which is guaranteed to stay smooth and perfect to write on for 25 years.  All boards are supplied with a set of extra strong magnets which means the dry wipe board can also be used as a notice board.

Sigel Magnetic Glass Board Accessories

There is a selection of accessories for your Sigel magnetic glass board, all of which are available from Octopus.sigel-magnets

There are several styles of magnet available. The strong magnets, which are more than capable of holding a few sheets of paper are 10x10x10mm in size.  These like the rest of the Sigel magnets are silver coloured cubes.  The extra strong magnets are the same except 20x10x10mm and the super strong magnets are 20x20x20mm and will hold up to 25 sheets of paper.

Chalk markers are great for writing on your Sigel magnetic glass board and the are available in a choice of vibrant colours.  There is standard black or white, which are perfect for writing on their opposite colours (ie white on black or black on white).  There is also a set of 3 vibrant coloured chalk markers that work well on either the black or white boards.  The assorted pack contains pink, green and yellow.

Board Delivery

Due to the size, cost and weight of the Sigel magnetic glass boards, delivery has to be considered carefully.  If we are to deliver locally around Manchester, Lancashire or Cheshire, we will generally deliver using our own vehicles.  If this is the case delivery would be the next working day or even the same day on certain boards.  If the board is to be delivered to another part of the country, then the board would need to be delivered by a carrier who know how to handle these large items.

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