Our banknote checker products are polymer ready.

Banknote Checker

Banknote Checker

We supply a range of banknote checker products to give you peace of mind when accepting paper money.  This includes the new polymer £5 note.


Banknote Counter & CheckersSafescan Money Counter

Our range of banknote counters with a built in checker will save you hours of time when dealing with large amounts of cash.  The Safescan will not only count Pound Sterling though. they will also count Euros and Dollars too.

Banknote Checker Pen

Bank note checker pens are simple and effective tools used to detect counterfeit currency by verifying the authenticity of paper bills through chemical reactions. They leave a distinct mark on genuine bills but react differently or not at all with counterfeit ones.

The banknote checker pen is great for checking banknotes whilst on the move.  They are small enough to be kept in a pocket, handbag or even a large purse. 

A banknote checker pen is a cost-effective and relatively inexpensive solution for detecting counterfeit currency compared to more sophisticated detection methods or equipment.

Banknote Counter Machines

If you just require your banknotes to be counted, we have a unit that will do just that.  The Safescan 6155 money counter not only counts banknotes and coins, but can also count vouchers, coupons and tickets, saving businesses that have to count  monetary items hours of time.

The hopper on the Safescan 2660 banknote checker will hold up to 300 banknotes and checks each one as it counts it.  It uses a 6 point counterfeit detection system to weed out fake bank notes.

Cash Counters

Banknote Checker Lamp

The Safescan counterfeit detector lamp is the ideal piece of kit to protect your business from fake bank notes.  It will instantly detect fraudulent bank notes, credit cards, passports and certain Safescan Note Checkermembership ID cards.  Just place the banknote under the lamp and it will show whether it is genuine or not.


Need A Banknote Checker Fast?

If your business is based in the Manchester area, we can deliver the same day on many occasions.  We hold stock of some Safescan products and can often help where companies need some form of banknote checking facility in service quickly.  Just call our sales office on 0161 429 8118 for assistance.

More Information

If you would like more information on how to spot fake money, visit the Bank of England website here.

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