Heavy Duty Punch


Where do you start when looking for a heavy duty punch?

Single Hole Punch

The single hole punch is most commonly used in law firms or solicitors practices these days.  They are used to punch a hole in the corner of single-hole-perforatordocuments that are going to be filed.  These are generally filed using paper binders or treasury tags.  There are only a couple of types manufactured now because they are less commonly used, Rexel and Rapesco being the most popular.

2 Hole Punch

The most common type of hole punch has 2 punching dies and they are available in several sizes.  The tiny desk top machine that will punch through 5-10 sheets of paper up to the heavy duty punch.  Some heavy duty puinches can drill it’s way through a whopping 300 sheets of 80gsm paper.

Heavy duty punches need to have a long lever in which to apply the pressure required to push the dies through that thickness of paper.  The Rapescso 2160 heavy duty hole punch is the most robust 2 hole punch that Octopus supply.  The Rapesco 2160 has dies and cutting discs that can be replaced, making the punch have a longer life span.

4 Hole Punch

The 4 hole punch is designed to punch 4 evenly spaced holes into A4 paper.  When the punched paper is inserted into a 4 ring binder the weight of 4-hole-perforatorthe paper is distributed across the 4 rings, which makes it more secure.  The 4 hole punches that Octopus can supply range from a small 5 Star punch that will perforate up to about 10 sheets of paper to the huge Rapesco 4400.  The Rapesco 4400 4 hole punch can perforate up to 150 sheets of A4 paper and has a long lever to help with punching larger quantities of paper.

Do You Need A Hole Punch Urgently

At Octopus we are able to react fast to urgent requirements.  We can quite often supply punches of all sizes the same day in the Manchester area.  We can do this because we are based in the Manchester area and have vans buzzing around the city every day.  For a fast delivery, call our sales office and speak to an advisor.

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