The Philips pocket projector is powerful and small!

Philips Pocket Projector

Philips Pocket Projector

Octopus supply a range of Philips pocket projector products that are portable enough to take to presentations in your laptop case or even your coat pocket.

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Philips PicoPix PPX3407 pocket projector

The PicoPix PPX3407 can project an image of over 3m square from this tiny yet powerful projector.  It is just over 4″ square and approximately 1.25″ in thickness, so it can literally fit into a pocket or laptop case.  The built in speaker has great sound quality for when playing videos or presentations from your memory stick or SD card.

Philips PicoPix PPX3614 Pocket Projector

The PicoPix PPX3614 is a powerful projector with a brightness of up to 140 lumens.  The PPX3614 also has the added benefit of being able to connect to the internet wireless with its built in WiFi capability.  This means you can play videos direct from YouTube without connecting through a computer or smartphone.  As with the other Philips pocket projector models, you can play back videos or view pictures.  You can do this from your USB memory stick or SD card.  All this functionality is packed into a projector that weighs less than 300 grams.

Philips PicoPix PPX2055 Pocket Projector

If you are looking for light weight, then the PPX2055 is only 115 grams without its accessories.  It has a brightness of 55 lumens and has a range of up to 5 meters.  You can have the projector close to the target surface too, from as little as 0.5m.   It requires no battery as it gets its power from the laptop or notebook that it is connected to.

Philips PicoPix 3610 Pocket ProjectorPicopix-ppx3614

Watch your high definition videos in large format up to 120″ wide using the PicoPix 3610 Philips pocket projector.  It has WiFi capability and can connect to the internet using its own built in web browser making it like having a home cinema in your handbag or coat pocket.  It has a built in battery that can give up to 2 hours of continuous play from a single charge.

Philips PicoPix Accessories

There are many accessories to help make the Philips pocket projector even better for watching TV or plating videos.

Philips PicoPix Sound Station

The Sound Station for the Philips pocket projector has stereo speakers giving out 2 x 2 watt of impressive sound quality.  There is battery power of up to 3 hours continuous play and if connected to a power supply, the PicoPix projector will recharge the sound station whilst in play.

Philips PicoPix TV Sound Station

The sound station with TV antenna turns your Philips pocket projector into a giant television screen.  All free to air TV channels can be screened and the 2 x 2W speakers will give good quality sound too.  All you need is a WiFi connection and you have TV on the move.

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