Whiteboards are a versatile, cost-effective tool for meetings, seminars, presentations and so on, as well as being ideal for informal brainstorming sessions.

Share ideas, thoughts and key points as you discuss them. And, of course, once you’ve captured the information, whiteboards can be wiped down in seconds for reuse.

They come as wall-mounted or mobile models, with the former being ideal for meeting rooms where attention will consistently be focused in a single direction. Mobile versions have the obvious benefit of being able to be moved around an office as needed.

They also work with projectors, allowing you to see your presentation on screen, while at the same time you can use whiteboard pens to indicate vital points.

Advantages of having whiteboards in the workplace:

  • Environmentally friendly

There’s no single-use paper involved, making whiteboards a pretty gentle option as far as the planet is concerned – these items are, of course, fully reusable.

  • A low-tech option

In our digital age, there’s something quite refreshing about the low-tech nature of whiteboards. And they could hardly be easier to use. You don’t have to worry that they won’t turn on, or that they will need multiple updates before you can do anything else. Essentially, there’s no faffing around and no reason your meeting or presentation won’t get off to a slick start.

  • Enhance engagement

Whiteboards are a highly collaborative workplace tool, encouraging employee participation and teamwork. Because multiple people can use it at once, you get multiple viewpoints and responses.

  • Magnetic features

With magnetic whiteboards, you can also hang up any sort of images you want to display, for example charts and graphs.

  • Boost efficiency

It’s also very useful to have whiteboards in an office to organise daily tasks, set reminders and for use as calendars. If your staff need to be out and about during the working day, a whiteboard records where everyone is.

  • Better productivity

Using a whiteboard involves both writing and drawing, engaging the user physically as well as mentally, which in turn boosts productivity among staff. Some research has shown, for example, that neural activity is greater among those who write things by hand rather than just reading. So using a whiteboard is an active, productive way of working, and you’ll get your message across effectively.

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