You will never have to buy a staff holiday planner again if you buy an undated planner from Octopus.

Undated Planner

Undated Planner

There are a range of undated planners to choose from.  Whether it is for a business to manage holidays or a home to help with domestic organisation, there will be one to suit your space format and budget.

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Undated Weekly Planner

Our undated weekly planners come in several sizes, including A4, A3, A2, 450x600mm or 900x600mm.  There are weekly planners that can be used on a wall or some flat on a desk.

The smaller weekly planners are made from acrylic, so safe and light enough to be used on the desk.  They have no frame, which means they are not cumbersome.

Undated Monthly PlannerMonthly Planning

Sasco undated monthly planners are available in 2 sizes 450x450mm or 600x450mm.  They are also made from acrylic and can be used on the wall or on the desk.  The wipe clean surface lets you change your tasks by simply wiping off the jobs with a damp cloth.

Undated Yearly Planner

The undated yearly planner is our most popular.  Often these are used as holiday planners for businesses and saves buying a new planner each year.  Each planner comes with strips of dates that stick to the planner and then each year they are moved in order to correspond with the correct day of the week.  The only extra work involved is marking the bank holidays that will generally change from year to year.

Acrylic Planners

Acrylic planners are light and easy to handle.  They can be used either on the wall or at your desk and are available as weekly or monthly formats.  Some of the acrylic planners are transparent, which makes them look great on a wall as the colour of the wall will show through, making them less obvious.

Mounted Year Planner

Undated Year Planner

Mounted year planners are hard backed and designed to be placed on a wall.  They are wipe clean similar to a whiteboard and have repositionable strips of dates that can be moved around from year to year.  They are generally 900x600mm and are available in several formats.

Magnetic Undated Planner

Similar to the mounted year planner is the magnetic undated year planner.  This is basically the same format to the mounted year planner, except it can accept magnets and magnetic strips.

Cheap Undated Planner

Our cheapest undated year planner is the Mark-It unmounted perpetual planer.  This is a rolled up laminated planner that is the same format as your standard year planner.  It can be attached to a wall and the date strip placed in the appropriate position.  This type of planner can be used for staff holidays or planning of work.


We also supply a range of calendars for you desk wall or computer monitor.

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