As you know Ozzy loves his pens, and with eight limbs to hold them with he can really test out the latest in pen tech! So for your pleasure, he’s put together a guide to help you decide before you put pen to paper

Spoilt for choice                          

Bic Pens
Bic Pens
Not so long ago the paperless office was a phrase that appeared everywhere, and the death of the pen seemed a likely event. But although we all use a keyboard for the majority of work-related communications, there’s something very satisfying in picking up your favourite pen and doing things the old fashioned way!
‘Modern’ gel inks have put an end to messy smudges, and well thought out design can make writing a pleasure, rather than pain (although it can’t improve the neatness of your writing…yet!)
We’ve chosen 4 very different pens to give you a taste of what’s out there – give them a go, each of them could easily be your next favourite possession!

Bic Cristal Ball Pen Clear

A great one for longer lasting writing needs, you get over 2km of writing. So that should be enough for office notes, sign-in sheets or to create your shopping list of stationery! Take a look
Bic Round Stic Grip Pens Purple 920412
Bic Round Stic Grip Pens Purple 920412

Bic Gelocity Gel Rollerball

They’re great for super smooth writing, you’ll enjoy the feel of this pen in your tentacles…oh we mean fingers! See more on the Bic Gelocity Gel Rollerball pens.

Bic 4-Colour Ball Pen

Who doesn’t love this classic? A choice of colours swaps easily from one to the other. Perfect for those that love to colour code and let’s face it who doesn’t? Take a look at the Bic 4 colour ball pens. And for those of a funkier disposition, there is the Bic Round Stic Grip Pen in Purple There are always those types in the office, usually in marketing. There you have it some top ‘tips’ from Ozzy once again, just make sure you aren’t using someone else’s Bic pens in the office, that is frowned upon!

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