Brother label printers are ideal for one-off addresses, product labels or barcodes.

Brother Label Printers

Brother Label Printers

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Common Uses Of Brother Label Printers

Some of the popular reasons that businesses use Brother label printers are to print one-off or small quantities of labels.

Such instances include one-off addresses instead of handwriting them or using a full sheet of laser labels in order to print just one.

Individual product labels where only a small number are required for each type.  These can be printed one at a time when required or small batches on a daily basis.

Barcodes for product marking.  Some products may be made in single quantities, but still require a barcode.  Printing multiple labels in one go may be wasteful or create confusion.

Ease Of UseBrother Labels

The range of Brother label printers uses thermal technology to print paper labels.  This means there are no ink cartridges or toners to be worried about.  The only consumable item is the paper labels.

Unique to Brother is the option to print in red as well as black on the label.  The red option is available using the DK-22251 continuous 62mm wide roll.  This can help if there are certain details on the label that have to be highlighted.  Important information such as product codes or reference numbers can be printed in red.  It could also be used to mark items as URGENT, CONFIDENTIAL or FRAGILE.


The Bother label printers can work with both PC and Mac products using a standard USB port.  The higher spec versions can also use WiFi and Bluetooth to print a wide variety of labels.

Brother QL-800 Label Printer

Print straight from Microsoft Excel, Word or Outlook, just copy and paste the information.

Brother software included making label creation easy.

Integrated cutter to give a clean edge to labels when printed and avoid label waste.

Fast print up to 93 labels per minute.

Brother QL-810W Label Printer

Features as the Brother QL-800 label printer, except has wireless functionality.  Print via AirPrint or using Brother labelling app, iPrint & Label for IOS or Android.

Optional battery (PABU001) to make the Brother QL-810W truly mobile.

Faster printing up to 110 labels per minute.

Brother QL-820NWB Label Printer

Features as the Brother QL-810W label printer, except has network capability so it can be used by many users at once.

The backlit display enables labels to be printed from its own internal 6Mb memory without being connected to a computer or device.

Can print using USB, WiFi, network or USB.

Brother QL-1100 Label Printer

The only of the Brother label printers capable of printing shipping labels is the QL-1100.  It can print the DK-11241 label that is 102 x 152mm (4×6″), which is often used by companies to print their labels for shipping products via eBay or Amazon.

There are two versions of the QL-1100 printer.  The QL-1100 standard printer and the QL-1100NWB which has WiFi and bluetooth connectivity.

Labels To Fit Brother Label Printers

There is a comprehensive range of labels to fit the Brother label printers.

Brother DK11241 – 102 x 152mm (200 labels per roll)

Brother DK11209 – 29 x 62mm (800 labels per roll)

Brother DK11201 – 29 x 90mm (400 labels per roll)

Brother DK11208 – 38 x 90mm (400 labels per roll)

Brother DK11202 – 62 x 100mm (300 labels per roll)

Brother DK22205 – 62mm x 30m (white continuous roll)

Brother DK22210 – 29mm x 30m (white continuous roll)

Brother DK22223 – 50mm x 30m (white continuous roll)

Brother DKN55224 – 54mm x 30.5m (white non adhesive paper)

Brother DK22211 – 29mm x 15.24m (white film)

Brother DK22251 – 62mm x 15.24m (red & black on white paper)

Brother DK22212 – 62mm x 15m (white film)

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